Code3 Visionary provides foresight, a critical capability of resilient organizations. With Code3 Visionary you can:

  • Forecast incident workload by location, type, and time.
  • Forecast incident workload for new planned developments or redevelopments.
  • Forecast incident workload for specific occupancies such as senior facilities.
  • Create scenarios to handle forecast uncertainty. 
  • Build workload scenarios for known types of emergencies and unexpected emergencies.
  • Develop stress tests to measure agency robustness. 

Code3 Visionary works directly with Code3 Strategist to evaluate deployment options against future incident workload scenarios.

A Range of Future Scenarios

Modeling multiple future scenarios is Code3 Visionary’s most important capability.   Prediction always involves uncertainty;  Code3 Visionary addresses this by providing multiple future scenarios at upper, lower and intermediate levels of intensity according to the variability of input models.   These scenarios can be used to derive predicted cost ranges, and also as input to Code3 Strategist and Code3 Advisor to assess the resilience of different strategies to the range of possible future conditions.

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