Exploration of Alternatives

Explore Strategic Options

Armed with understanding of your organization’s history, current situation and potential future conditions, you need to explore strategic options.    Described as “Sim City for fire/EMS,” Code3 Strategist excels at this task:  it enables you to model changes in any aspect of operations – station locations, staff and apparatus assignments, scheduling, dispatch policies (including cross-staffing, load-balancing schemes, AVL, running districts, auto-aid policies).  

Rapid Understanding

You can quickly build and compare models numerically or graphically according to numerous performance indicators:

  • Travel time, response time and total response time
  • NFPA™ 1710/1720 Effective Firefighting Force (EFF) assembly time calculations
  • CFAI™ Effective Response Force (ERF) calculations
  • Resource utilization / workload
  • Unit reliability
  • Apparatus mileage

Extensively Trusted

More than 40 agencies nationwide have come to trust Code3 Strategist for answer to such questions as:

  • Where should we put the two new medic units?
  • What are the best locations for the three new stations?
  • When, and in what order should we open them?
  • Is the Maple Hill neighborhood better served by Station 31 or Station 18? (Considerations include workload/reliability, risk level, incident acuity and other factors, in addition to response time).
  • What would be the effect of delegating ground-level falls to a 2-person BLS response unit?
  • What would be the best locations and schedules to place two 40-hour peak activity ALS units?
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