Nurturing resilience: you bring the culture; we bring the technology

How Technology Helps

Technology isn’t the whole solution to the challenge of building a resilient organization, but it is an essential component.  Technology helps you transform data into understanding, the fundamental cognitive task of guiding a resilient organization.   To do so, you must achieve four objectives:

  1. Reliable input: accurate information on which to base informed decisions.
  2. Awareness: knowledge of the meaning of signals in your environment
  3. Foresight: the ability to anticipate future conditions
  4. Option Exploration: the ability to evaluate and optimize strategies

Levrum’s Code3 integrated software suite works together to meet achieve these objectives.

A Powerful Suite

Code3 Alarm ensures reliable input by automating detection of data errors and inconsistencies.  It also enhances your awareness of patterns and trends in the environment you face.

Code3 Firewatch supports awareness by presenting incisive Web data visualizations of trends and patterns in your data.

Code3 Visionary provides foresight by applying state-of-the-art machine learning and statistical algorithms to build ranges of scenarios of future incident workload.

Code3 Strategist and Code Advisor enable option exploration to assess – and recommend – operational strategies in the face of complex and dynamic conditions.

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