Consolidating, Validating and Understanding Data

Levrum’s DataBridge merges your data from disparate sources – CAD, RMS, time management and others, as well as any SQL data warehouse. In addition, it also allows you to join in attributes from GIS systems’ shapefiles, text or CSV files, and to integrate custom data sources easily. This process provides a coherent framework of unified incident, response and custom data. DataBridge also supports custom data transforms that you can develop, and allows you to define, build or integrate your own data elements. Automated anomaly detection helps you spot (and potentially correct) erroneous and inconsistent data; it can also help you detect real world changes that may not be identified from anecdotal reports or traditional reports (e.g., an uptick in medical incidents related to the relocation of a homeless camp, or an unusual pattern of trash fires).


DataBridge provides near-real-time access to coherent, validated data that can be provided to key stakeholders in compelling Web data visualizations via Code3 Firewatch, used as the basis for future demand modeling in Code3 Visionary, used for deployment analysis and deep data exploration in Code3 Strategist … or exported to office tools, databases, analytics packages or GIS systems for your own analyses.

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