Common Concerns

Our tools have been extremely effective at avoiding harmful reductions in service, mitigating effects of unavoidable cuts, advocating for restoration of services and demonstrating effective stewardship of fiscal resources.

Our tools give you the capability to project the impact of demand surges on your service delivery, assess your operational resilience and develop and test effective strategies for dealing with them.

Even in ordinary times, the fire/EMS environment is dynamic and rapidly changing. Our tools enable you to plan for rapid growth, predict the impact of planned development impact and test alternate service delivery models.

At all times, you need to balance impeccable service to your citizens, members’ health and wellness and prudent fiscal stewardship.   Our tools support you in developing effective, efficient and resilient deployment models, testing and validating them, and providing incisive visual and quantitative evidence to support your decisions.

Our tools enable you to consolidate information from CAD, RMS, GIS and other data sources into a single, coherent framework, explore and understand your data, detect errors and anomalies and disseminate knowledge to your stakeholders.

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